Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Litspiration Challenge #3

For our third litspiration challenge we created a movie trailer for the book The House of the Scorpion. However instead of focusing on the plot of the novel we tried to think more critically about the book and create a movie trailer regarding the theme of the novel.

To see our video click here. The password for our video is: Arthrophobia

     We thought long and about the theme (to hear our discussion please view round table number six) and we finally decided that the biggest theme in the novel is that others can't decide your self worth, you do. We chose two quotes by Tam Lin that we thought well represented this theme. The first one we chose was "Any rat in a sewer can lie but a human doesn't because he is something more." (Farmer ). We thought it was very important that there were people in the novel who thought of Matt as a person. Tam Lin was one of the very few who saw Matt not as a clone but as an equal. Even Maria who Matt cares very much about still sees him as a clone at times. For example Maria tells Matt that, like an animal, he doesn't have a soul so instead when he dies he can neither go to heaven or hell but he stays somewhere in the middle. The second quote we chose was also told by Tam Lin and it was "No one can tell a difference between a clone and a human. That's because there isn't any difference. The idea of clones being inferior is a filthy lie." (Farmer 245). Like the first quote we thought it was important that there were people in Matt life that believed he could be more and that he could become someone, not an it. We also thought it important that Tam Lin said this to Matt because throughout the novel Tam Lin acts as the fatherly figure and it's obvious that Matt takes strength from Tam Lin's words and we thought if anyone else had said this Matt he may not have believed those words as much as if Tam Lin had told him. Since he truly idolizes Tam Lin his encouragement helps Matt break past the opinion of others.
     We chose scenes from the novel that related to our theme statement from the beginning in the lab where Matt was born to Mr. Alacran throwing Matt out of the house because he was a clone and Matt learning to the play the piano. Music was a very important part of Matt's individual person because El Patron's other clones hadn't taken music as Matt had and this is one of the differences that helps Matt to be different person than El Patron or one of the other clones. If you have any questions feel free to email us or leave a comment.

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